The 100 Day Project


Doing the 100 day project last year taught me a lot. I learned new techniques, new ways of loving plants, but mostly I learned just how much illustration work I could get done in a day. 

Life got more than a bit hectic, so the project halted around day 42. The level of detail I wanted to create in my botanical art, simply didn't fit in a single day. But, this year isn't about finishing something each day, but about sharing something each day. Each day I'll find a way—through illustration, text, or any combination there of—to share something interesting and little known about the plants we use in our daily lives.

I'll post my progress weekly here, but if you'd like to follow along daily, you can do so on Twitter, Ello, and Instagram. I'll be using the hashtags #eachdaybotany and #a100daysofbotany. So, what about you? What would you do with a 100 days of creating?