It's time to launch this baby!


An ongoing story about food. We'll travel along the history of the spice routes. Dig into the seemingly disparate relationships between plants. And observe the craft involved in many of the products that line our kitchen cupboards and fill our fridge.

A journal where I just about manage not to hop and down whilst pointing out that avocado and cinnamon are related. Visit local and not so local farms. Meet with makers and craftspeople who are passionate about food. Map out an alternative guide to clean and alternative eating in London and Antwerp (my hometown). Share a few recipes. And, geek out on little known facts such as figs not being actual fruits, but flowers. Vanilla belonging to the Orchid family and originally a native to Mexico. And gall wasps tricking plants in to growing them a custom home.

My intrigue grows day by day, as does my stack of books on botany, food history and culture.


With hunger and love,